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One year ago, the Zionist killing machine has attacked my country to revenge the 2000 defeat and to send power messages ...
They manipulate and abused their own children and fed them by hate


And they failed to achieve their objectives thanks to the legendary resistance, the holy patience of the people of the south and el dahyeh and the support of most of the Lebanese

One year ago, my country has witnessed one of the 21st century HOLOCAUSTS, and the world was watching
Each day we had a new genocide that your media DID NOT SHOW
Children, like yours, were KILLED or seeing death by their INNOCENT eyes
Dead bodies were EVRYWHERE, and REDCROSS was forbidden to bury them
More than 1200 CIVILIAN were killed (children and women in general)
Hundreds of thousand of people were HOMLESS
NO water, NO medicine, NO food, NO electricity and NO GRAVES
Our paradise was destroyed by smart bombs
And like always we have SURVIVED
But this time we will not FORGET

In 33 days, the Zionist killing machine will show its non-human face for a blind world
In 33 days, Lebanese resistance will make Arab first victory on the Zionist regime
In 33 days, we will show the world how a small country can destroy the ego of a big killing machine